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"Here I Am !   Got Anything For Me?"

member How often have you wondered why local businesses do not send you their promotions even though they're are just a few miles away from you? And instead of you registering with different government agencies or public services, why can't they all simply notify you at one place where you are?

Understandably it is because they are unable to:
  1. Know you  -  since you don't provide your profile
  2. See you  -  since you don't tell your location
  3. Reach you  -  since you don't give your contact info

You can fix it: Join LeapedIn and never miss out again on your promotions or notifications, by:
  1. Describe yourself  -  with your persona profile (demographic & commercial & personal interests)
  2. Position yourself  -  at the location that you declare
  3. Connect yourself  -  by receiving forwarded promotions and notifications with full privacy

L.E.A.P.  Patron  Persona  Pool (LP3)

Patron Persona Pool

The L.E.A.P. Persona lets individuals declare their locations along with their chosen demographic and personal interest profiles, which together allows commercial promotions or public sector information to be delivered effectively by forwarding the given online emails or messages via the L.E.A.P. Patron Persona Pool (LP3).

Lots of public sector information and notifications can be delivered effectively based merely on the address, REGARDLESS of the recipient identity, and still meet thier notification purpose, e.g. announcing road work, public hearing, survey on measure B, and etc. And then there's the notorious junk mails that overflow our mailboxes on the daily basis, becoming tons of throw-away junk mails in curbside garbage containers. Environment unfriendly and energy wasteful.   LP3 solves these issues!

The USPS has no add-on value to you except the delivery, physically or digitally. You are still left to deal with your address and identification privacy issues yourself, and you are isolated in the circle of you and those who knows your postal address. LP3 breaks you away from this century-old bondage, allowing you reach out to the whole world, protected and enhanced by your chosen persona. And the whole world sees you, knows you, reaches you, all done with full privacy protection under the new dynamic "L.E.A.P. Patron Persona Pool (LP3)" paradigm!

Location + "Intentity"

Your LeapedIn persona is placed at a location of your choice, and to serve to attract local promotions and announcements. Move your persona to a new location if you're interested in getting promotions and announcement for the new location.

Location is highly IMPORTANT to your local businesses when sending their promotions. Your persona location will help them promote cost-effectively to the prospects who are in the "Reachable" and "Reasonable" distance range.

Biz/Org in real life cares about reaching you more than recording you (your contact data). With L.E.A.P, instead of pursuing your actual identity, biz/org can simply work with your declared "Intentity" (intention + identity), knowing that there is a "you" who's reachable with a declared persona profile and location. This leads to highly focused promotion/information supply/demand eco-flow, with full protection of individual privacy.

Based on assured personal privacy, L.E.A.P. allows you construct advanced persona profile covering aspects in: commercial interests, public interests, local interests, political interests, classified (ad) interests, and household roles. Biz/Org can then effectively deliver contents to the recipients with exact-matching profile.

Promote To Persona

Register your e-mail address with the LeapedIn L.E.A.P. service and receive promotions from local businesses : no need of searching and no more miss-out on any good deal within miles!

Create your LeapedIn L.E.A.P. persona to associate your demographics and your commercial & personal interests with your e-mail address. The usage of your good old e-mail address is absolutely NOT affected by LeapedIn L.E.A.P. in anyway.

Your persona (NOT your e-mail) will show up on LeapedIn map/list to be accessed by your local LeapedIn Biz/Org, such that promotions matching your persona profile will be sent to you by the LeapedIn service via e-mail. LeapedIn service guarantees that NOBODY will see your e-mail address EVER!

Also, businesses care about who you claim yourself to be, more than the real you. That is, businesses care about your declared personal and commercial preferences, rather than your true demographic profile. After all, you as a consumer, choose to provide a specific demographic profile in order to attract your preferred promotions/information. And that's all the businesses needed.

Super Chameleon

LeapedIn Biz/Org selects the promotion recipients based on their LeapedIn persona demographic profiles, location, and commercial & personal interests, and have LeapedIn service forward the non-spam promotions effectively, with absolutely no need of knowing the recipients' e-mail addresses.

LeapedIn users can fully DIY manage (Flag, Block, Unsubscribe) promotions forwarded by LeapedIn service, as well as fully DIY manage their own persona, i.e. changing their e-mail address, location, interests (commercial, public, local, political, classifed, household), and demographic profile, anytime as needed. People don't waste time chaning their persona without a good reason, and the reason is as good for the persona owner as for the businesses.

LeapedIn Biz/Org focus their promotions on the "Intentity Who" (demographics, location, commercial & personal interests) instead of "Identity Who" (Actual name, postal address, e-mail address), and as such the persona changes are highly welcomed by the LeapedIn Biz/Org for keeping up the recipient list quality level. Businesses and organizations now have L.E.A.P. Patron Persona Pool (LP3) as the definitive digital alternative of USPS!

Why L.E.A.P. Patron Persona Pool (LP3)

L.E.A.P.  Patron  Persona  Pool  (LP3)  Pricing

Flexible And Effective Utilization Of LeapedIn L.E.A.P. Patron Persona Pool (LP3) Platform

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